Permanent Reduction of Cellulite

Contrary to many other cosmetic treatments against cellulite, the VASERsmooth® procedure is superior because of:

  • Permanent elimination of cellulite
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal downtime

The ultrasound-assisted technology used by VASER® targets fat below the skin, it shatters fat cells and breaks down the fibrous deformities of the connective tissue, which are the reason behind the unsightly orange-peel appearance of the skin, known as cellulite. In addition, VASERsmooth® treatment enhances the production of fresh collagen and improves the function of the existing collagen fibres.


Simple procedure with eye-catching results

The VASERsmooth® procedure is performed after the application of subcutaneous local anaesthesia. A specially designed ultrasound probe, which is equipped with a blunt tip, is inserted below the skin through a small incision; through forward and backward movements it breaks down the superficial fat layer and cuts the fibrous “knots” of the connective tissue.

The probe of VASERsmooth® system is designed similarly to those of the VASERLipo® Liposculpture, to selectively break down the fat tissue, while leaving the surrounding nerves and blood vessels intact. Together with VASERsmooth® treatment, VASER® Liposculpture can also be applied for incredible reduction of cellulite and local fat, as well as smoothing of the skin. This is achieved because 85% of the fat cells and 87% of the stem cells that are shaken by the ultrasound energy remain alive and viable to be implanted in the areas with "dimples" due to cellulite, as well as in larger areas of the skin under treatment.

The VASERsmooth® procedure lasts 1-1.5 hours and you can return back home straight after the end of the session.

For an excellent aesthetic result combine the VASERsmooth® treatment with:

The points of excellence of the VASERsmooth® treatment

In comparison to LASER technologies against cellulite

  • Twice as fast procedure
  • Less bruising and swelling after the procedure
  • Faster healing
  • Unique option to collect the fat so that to fill areas with skin folds (LASERs damage the fat cells due to the excessive emitted temperature)

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What is the difference between VASER® Liposculpture and VASERsmooth®?
VASER® Liposculpture is a liposuction and body contouring system. VASERsmooth® is a component of the VASER® Liposculpture system used to eliminate cellulite through ultrasound energy.
How does the VASERsmooth® procedure help in the elimination cellulite?
VASERsmooth® helps the treatment against cellulite through its ability to break apart the fat deposits that deform connective tissues below the skin, leading to the unsightly and uneven appearance of the skin. helps the treatment against cellulite through its ability to break apart the fat deposits that deform connective tissues below the skin, leading to the unsightly and uneven appearance of the skin.
Why is cellulite more common among women?;
Cellulite is much more common among women as compared to men because of the differences in terms of fat, muscle and connective tissue distribution between the skin of men and women.
How does the VASERsmooth® procedure works?
The VASERsmooth® procedure uses the ultrasound technology of VASER® to dislodge the fat and break apart fibrous deformations in the connective tissue that cause cellulite. During the procedure, a probe is placed under the skin through minor incisions at the area under treatment. The recovery time is minimal.
Can VASERsmooth® remove the fat?
VASERsmooth® is not a liposuction method and therefore it cannot remove fat. It is used to improve the uneven appearance of the skin (cellulite). However, VASERsmooth® can be used together with VASER® Liposculpture to contribute in shaping a nice body contour with no cellulite or local fat.
How much does the VASERsmooth® treatment cost?
The cost of the VASERsmooth® treatment depends on the severity of cellulite and the number of body areas treated. You can schedule a free consultation to find out whether VASERsmooth® is right for you and the cost of treatment in your case.
Can VASERsmooth® treatment remove my cellulite?
If you are healthy, meaning able to undergo an invasive procedure, even if your problem with cellulite is serious, it can be treated effectively with the VASERsmooth® procedure.
What is the recovery time?
This is a minimally invasive procedure and therefore recovery time is short. After the treatment you can resume your routine activities after 3-4 days.
When will I see my results?
The results are immediately visible, but the final results will be evident after about 6 months (results may vary among different persons).

Medical Equipment

  • Special component of the VASER® system for the treatment of cellulite
  • Specific ultrasound settings to protect the connective tissue
  • Selective breakup of the fat and fibrous deformities of the connective tissue
  • Wide selection of gentle probes for precise application
  • Approved by the US FDA

I’m still amazed by the painless removal of cellulite from my legs. I can’t stop looking at me in the mirror!

Mary P.

I was going to the gym almost every day and I was trying to follow a healthy diet, but cellulite just resisted everything. Until I decided to go for the VASER procedure. I don’t know what to say. It’s unbelievable!

Stella A..

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