Selective, minimally invasive, ultrasound-assisted

VASER®treatment offers:

  • Minimally invasive fat removal from smaller or larger areas
  • Body contouring
  • Optimisation of fat suction for lipofilling procedures
  • Clinically proven skin tightening
  • Easily contouring thin and fibrous areas
  • Specific ultrasound settings to protect the connective tissue and maintain high fat cell viability
  • Wide variety of applications for the treatment of all body areas
  • Natural result

The new revolutionary cosmetic surgery procedure for the elimination of local fat and body sculpture

Each and every body has areas with fat storage predisposition, which keep fat locked despite strict diets and exercise. The patented and FDA-cleared ultrasound-assisted VASER® technology offers a safe solution for the elimination of unwanted local fat and the smooth contouring of your silhouette.

Men prefer VASER® mainly for the areas around the stomach, neck (double chin), waist and the chest (gynecomastia), whereas women select it for all areas of the body such as the buttocks, the thighs, the neck, the knees and legs, areas in other words where there is accumulation of fat.

At the same time, a significant number of men and women want, apart from liposculpture with VASER® to also undergo lipofilling with their own viable fat which is removed, while avoiding the risk of rejection by the body, which may be the case if artificial implants are used. Lipofilling is applied in various areas of the body to tone up its curves and shape: breast, buttocks, thighs, face!

VASER® is superior to traditional liposuction

Contrary to the aggressive traditional liposuction procedures, VASER® uses the ultramodern ultrasound technology, which has the exceptional ability to selectively focus on the target fat, thus protecting and leaving intact other important tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, at the area of application.

High-frequency pulsed ultrasound energy breaks down the adipose tissue into small fragments and the fat is easily removed from the body through mild suction. The treatment is completed in ONE session that is minimally invasive and non-aggressive, recovery is achieved quickly and the results are impressive, no matter whether the area of application is small or larger. During the recovery, the skin becomes tighter with smoother contour and an enhanced appearance.

Impressive results with VASER® with ONE session

Using the terms of cosmetic dermatology, the results can be measured based on inches lost and not according to the weight. Focusing on the amount of fat removed is not important. What is important is the body contour improvement, while self-confidence enhancement and body image improvement of the person selecting liposculpture is what matters the most. With VASER® treatment all people experience the great difference even from the next day, since the results are immediately evident after just one session.

Treatment duration depends on the number and the size of the areas under treatment. For the treatment of a maximum of three areas, it usually lasts one to two hours. After the completion of treatment, it is recommended to rest for 12 hours and not perform any activities, while strenuous activities should be avoided for the first 2-3 weeks after treatment.

Requirements for the VASER® procedure

VASER® liposculpture is indicated for healthy individuals with stubborn local fat that is not responsive to diet and exercise, when their problem cannot be solved by a non-invasive procedure. In addition, it is an ideal procedure for people that want to find a quick, minimally-invasive body liposculpture procedure offering quick and improved results. Even those that used to say that they would never undergo liposuction, now realise that VASER® is a mild and minimally invasive procedure to contour the body, thus select it without doubt. The following requirements should be met to consider a person suitable for the VASER® procedure:

  • Not pathologically obese.
  • The results are improved with better skin elasticity.
  • Not a heavy smoker.
  • Discuss in detail his/her medical history with the doctor and provide the full list of drugs, vitamins and other supplements that may be used (including those that may be considered as irrelevant).
  • With realistic expectations from the procedure. It is important to discuss with the doctor the actual goals and expectations from the treatment in terms of recovery and expected results.

For an excellent aesthetic result, combine VASER® treatment with:

The points of excellence of VASER® treatment
  • Impressive results in just one session
  • Safe and perfectly targeted procedure
  • Contouring of sensitive areas, such as the hands and neck, too
  • Suitable for large or small areas with local fat
  • No blood, no bruising
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Immediate results and constant improvement for up to six months after the procedure
  • Can also be performed with local anaesthesia
  • Approved by the FDA

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Is the VASER® procedure safe?
It is a highly safe liposculpture procedure that is widely used by plastic surgeons worldwide and has significant clinical results.
How does VASER® differ from traditional liposuction?
The VASER® procedure is minimally invasive, as it uses an ultrasound-assisted technology to separate and selectively target the fat-containing tissues. The groundbreaking VASER® liposculpture technology breaks up fat, while leaving surrounding tissues intact, offering impressive results in just one session.
Why should I trust the VASER® treatment?
The VASER® procedure is reliable as it uses the tested ultrasound-assisted liposculpture technology and the results are clinically proven.
Why should I choose the VASER® treatment?
VASER® effectively eliminates excess local fat, while contouring the body. It is a minimally invasive procedure, as the ultrasound waves used break down selectively small or large areas with fat without causing any damage to the tissues.
What body areas can be treated with VASER®?
  • Cheeks, chin and neck
  • Abdomen, hips and waist,
  • Breast (men and women)
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Knees, legs, ankles
Is it possible to apply the VASER® procedure to multiple areas at once?
Yes, VASER® allows the treatment of multiple body areas simultaneously during a session. However, treatment planning is carried out by the cosmetic surgeon of our clinics depending on each patient.
Is it possible to apply the VASER® procedure to men?
Yes, of course. The most popular treatment areas among men include the chest, stomach and waist.
Is the result permanent?

VASER® procedure removes local fat and adipocytes (fat cells) from the area of application. Whether the result will be more or less permanent* depends on your weight fluctuations. If your body weight is maintained almost stable, such small weight fluctuations will go unnoticed, because the additional fat will be proportionately distributed over your entire body. However, in case of significant weight gain, the fat will become evident in the treatment area.

* The results and the benefits from the VASER® procedure vary and differ for each person. Therefore specific results cannot be guaranteed.

How soon will I see the results? What is the recovery time?
The results vary according to the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and other factors. Many patients report that they see results immediately after the procedure with the final results around three to four months later. The cosmetic surgeon of our clinics will inform you accordingly and help you establish realistic expectations.
After the VASER® procedure, will local fat reappear on my body?
Assuming a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, the fat will not reappear on the treated areas. However, fat is essential for a healthy body and therefore some essential fat layers in any given area remain untreated. If after the VASER® procedure you maintain your weight at normal levels, this fat will be proportionately distributed over your entire body.
Is VASER® liposculpture suitable for me?
If you are healthy, not obese and you want a quick and minimally invasive procedure for the removal of stubborn local fat, the VASER® procedure could be the solution to your problem. Despite the fact that certain restrictions apply and should be respected when removing fat from the body, the specialised physician can help you through the discussion of possible areas of your body where the fat removal procedure could be applied, and can inform you about the expected results and the recovery process.
Are there any contraindications related to the VASER® procedure?

You should not select the VASER® procedure if you suffer from chronic diseases, such as blood clotting disorders, diabetes, obesity, lung, heart or circulatory system diseases, vascular problems which include common circulation and coagulation problems related with specific medications. Moreover, pregnancy or the possibility of pregnancy are both considered contraindications, including a period of a few months after pregnancy. Please inform the specialised doctor if you have any of the aforementioned conditions or if you are in doubt.

In addition, the following conditions may also affect the safety or effectiveness of VASER® procedure:

  • Presence of connective tissue disorders or scarring;
  • Presence of potential for stretch mark formation or stretch marks;
  • Lupus Erythematosus;
  • Endocrine disorders.
Will I lose weight with VASER® liposculpture?
No, VASER® procedure is not a weight loss method. The purpose of the VASER® procedure is the removal of excess local fat and body contouring.
My weight is above normal and I am on diet. Can VASER® procedure be used?
If you are on diet, especially if your want to lose a lot of weight, the VASER® procedure cannot be applied.
Is VASER®procedure painful?
No, because it is a minimally invasive procedure that is completed in just one session. Recovery is achieved in a relatively short period of time and body healing is quick.
Can the VASER® procedure be applied at the medical office?
VASER® liposculpture can be performed at the medical office with local anaesthesia. You and the doctor will decided together the best solution to ensure both the appropriate level of safety and the best results.
I want to tone up the contour of my body at a specific area. Can this be achieved with VASER®?
Many patients choose to remove the fat from one area of their body with the VASER® procedure and transfer the removed fat to another area of their body to tone up its contour. The fat cells that are removed with VASER® are high-quality cells, viable to be placed at another area of the body. Contrary to artificial implants of short duration, the re-infusion of fat within the same body offers natural results that last for longer with no risk of rejection.

Medical Equipment

  • Specific ultrasound settings to protect the connective tissue
  • Accurate fat suction control to minimise fat cell damage
  • Wide variety of specially designed probes for applications throughout the body
  • The device is approved by the US FDA

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