Thigh Lift

Thigh tightening treatment

When trying to lose weight, we forget skin "sagging" that comes right after and cannot be corrected through exercise only. In many cases the extra skin may appear on the inner part of the thighs, because of reduced skin elasticity and the thinner skin in that area. Thigh Lift can be highly effective in permanently solving this problem. Thigh Lift is among the invasive procedures and aims at correction skin relaxation of the inner thighs, i.e. where thighs contact each other. This can be achieved through the reduction of excess skin, resulting in significant improvement of both skin appearance and texture.

For the Thigh Lift procedure to be performed general anaesthesia is required and its application may vary depending on the extent of the problem. Sometimes more than one thigh lift procedures may be applied concurrently, which depends on various factors, such as skin quality. Moreover, often Thigh Lift can be performed together with Liposuction, so that to achieve an even better aesthetic result. In this case, the duration of the procedure is 90’. Each case is personalised, and thus the treatment plan differs on each occasion.

The results are visible almost immediately and long-lasting

as long as the person maintains his/her weight stable. This procedure cannot restore tissue tightness as when younger, but it can rebuilt the tissues, improve skin relaxation, and therefore it can make your thighs look younger.
In the specialised IQ – Intensive Quality Skin Clinics medical clinics you can benefit from “significant improvement” you are looking for with maximum safety.
Our experienced personnel provide constantly the most advanced services, adapted to you and any special requirements you may have.

What is offered by Thigh Lift:
  • Reduction of skin relaxation and skin tightening
  • Harmonious body curves
  • Excellent and immediately visible result
  • Significant improvement of the overall contour and appearance of the thighs
  • Enhanced self-confidence

The points of excellence of Thigh Lift:
  • Significant improvement almost right after the procedure
  • Permanent result
  • Treatment completed in one single session
  • Simultaneous treatment of skin relaxation and local fat
  • Short recovery time
  • Minimal side effects

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Who is a suitable candidate for Thigh Lift?
  • Men and women with skin relaxation in their thighs
  • Persons whose weight is around 10% more or less of their normal weight, otherwise weigh loss may be required first.
  • Persons in good health that will not affect the course of the procedure
  • Non smokers
  • Persons with realistic expectations
How should I prepare before the procedure?
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin
Can Thigh Lift be combined with other procedures?
Yes, Thigh Lift can be combined with other procedures, such as liposuction, when excess fat is present that should be removed.
Is liposuction only adequate?
Liposuction removes fat cells. Therefore, your problem is due to skin relaxation, any sort of liposuction will worsen your problem and the area will look worst because of significant relaxation. Liposuction is indicated when excess fat is present and the skin is tight. On the other hand, Thigh Lift is the ideal procedure in case of skin relaxation.
How long will I be hospitalised?
Hospitalisation is required for one day maximum.
Is the result permanent?
The result is permanent as long as you don’t put on too a lot of weight.
When will I start seeing results?
The first results are visible after the operation, when swelling starts disappearing. However, for the final results to be visible a few months may be required.
Are there any side effects or complications?
Thigh Lift is a particularly successful operation and any possible complications are rare. However, similarly to any intervention, certain complications may occur, which can be easily treated. For example, swelling or bruising may occur, which usually subside after a short period of time.
When may I go back to work?
You can return to work after about 2-3 days. However, if your work involves strenuous physical activity, then you should not return for a longer period.
When can I take a shower?
It will not be possible to have a shower until all sutures have been removed, i.e. 6-7 days after the operation. Until then, you can wash the area locally.
What should I do afterwards?
The hygiene of the treated area is of utmost importance, as the genitals and buttocks that are close to the thighs can have many microbes that may cause infections.

I vainly tried to tighten my thighs with exercise. Thigh lift really improved my appearance with no pain at all.
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Skin relaxation of my thighs led me to IQ Intensive Quality Skin Clinics. I show significant improvement of my thighs with a perfectly natural method.

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