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Your diet is healthy, you exercise regularly and you take care of your body, but still local fat does not respond to your healthy lifestyle. The fact is that fat seems to prefer specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, the saddle bags and love handles, where it gets accumulated, making its elimination difficult. Factors such as hereditary predisposition, hormonal changes, the intake of certain medications, and sedentary life just make it even more difficult.
For many years, surgery was the only available procedure for the treatment of local fat. Now, cosmetic dermatology offers 3 non-invasive treatments that combat accumulated fat in a safe and effective manner, and in Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery medical practices we have all three of them!


Non-invasive treatments that combat local fat are the ideal choice for you that your weight is normal or close to normal, but still have accumulated fat in certain parts of your body. This is the excess fat that makes it difficult to button up your clothes, limiting your clothing options, as it appears underneath tighter clothes, ruining your mood every day and making every attempt to combat it seem futile.

With modern, non-invasive cosmetic dermatology treatments, you can permanently combat local fat, even in just one session. These are original procedures with safety and effectiveness specifications approved by the strict US FDA. They are the ideal choices for you, if you want to have a well-shaped body with procedures that do not require surgery, thus not intervening to your daily routine. You can have a treatment during your lunch break from work and just return to the office afterwards.

Contrary to surgical liposuction, these procedures can be applied in the medical practice, as no anaesthesia is essential, without scarring, while they do not interrupt your daily routines and allow the required time for your skin to adjust thanks to its elasticity. The result is achieved in an absolutely safe manner, and - the most important of all - the result is permanent!

The only thing you should do is to book an appointment at our medical practices so that to inform you in detail at no cost. Our specialised medical team will assess your needs and create your personalised treatment plan that will transform your body!


The original cryolipolysis, certified by the US FDA, freezes selectively excess fat cells at -11°C , leaving the surrounding skin intact. With the enhanced applicators of different sizes for each body part, it permanently reduces the fat layer at the area under treatment in just one session!

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Exilis Elite™

The new non-invasive thermolipolysis procedure eliminates permanently local fat that is resistant to all types of diets and exercise. Its technology is unique, as it combines two highly effective energies of cosmetic dermatology, selectively targeting fat at the desired depth of the adipose tissue, thus increasing local fat burning processes by 110%!

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This advanced microliposculpture of the body allows the quick, painless and safe elimination of excess fat cells. LipoLysis 3-D application allows combating local fat at any extent or depth. Permanent result, confirmed by clinical studies.

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