Permanent solution for local fat with eye-catching results

Well-formed contours and correct proportions of the body are essential elements of attractive looks. Combating local fat at different parts of the body, “stubborn” fat despite proper diet and regular exercise, is a common problem for most of us. The formation of local fat is mainly due to the fat cells (adipocytes), within the adipose tissue, which increase in size until the age of 18. In adulthood their number does not increase, but their size does… and the hard part begins!
Liposuction is one of the most popular and top cosmetic procedures for the safe, effective and permanent elimination of local fat for years in cases it cannot be treated with non-invasive procedures. The cosmetic surgeon usually performs liposuction in the hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body or face to improve their shape. Liposuction can be also performed together with other cosmetic surgical interventions, such as breast reduction, abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and facelift.
Traditional liposuction offers:
  • Effective elimination of local fat
  • Reduction of accumulated fat volume
  • Harmonious proportions of the body
  • Improved body contour
  • Natural result

Liposuction is performed after the administration of local anaesthesia. The cosmetic surgeon makes one or more tiny incisions in the treatment area through which a thin hollow tube is inserted to loosen the subcutaneous (under the skin) fat for liposuction to be performed.

The procedure usually lasts 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of treatment areas. It has been demonstrated that it is a particularly effective treatment for the abdomen, even after pregnancy, because it improves greatly its appearance and the result is natural.

Are you the right candidate for liposuction?

First of all, you should have realistic expectations. Liposuction eliminates local fat. It will not eliminate cellulite, so you should not expect that after the surgery, apart from local fat, cellulite will disappear from the treatment area, too.
Liposuction is a surgical procedure. Therefore you should be healthy. This means that you should at least:
  • Not be obese
  • Have skin elasticity
  • Avoid smoking
  • Not have circulatory problems
  • Not have heart problems or diabetes
  • Have a strong immune system

The results are permanent with proper care

With liposuction, fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body. Local fat will not reappear on the treatment area, but excess fat may develop on other parts of your body. This depends on your lifestyle and your diet after the treatment. Therefore your diet should include non-fatty proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole-grain cereals, and low-fat dairy products. In addition you should exercise regularly.

The points of excellence of traditional liposuction
  • Effective procedure
  • Successful suction of fat cells
  • Accurate removal of local fat
  • Tiny scars that heal as time goes by
  • Treatment of many and large areas of the body in one session
  • Controlled final result

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Does it hurt?
Liposuction is a quite active surgical procedure and therefore it is normal to feel some discomfort. Pain depends on the volume of fat removed. However, after the first couple of days, pain gradually disappears..
How long does liposuction last?
The duration of the intervention depends on the number of treatment areas. A typical intervention usually lasts 1 to 3 hours.
Can liposuction be combined with other procedures?
Yes. Actually this is quite common. A usual combination plastic surgery includes "fat grafting": the fat that is removed – through liposuction – is cleaned and transferred to other parts of the body, such as the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), the face or the breast so that to restore lost volume and create the right body contour with harmonious symmetry. It is also worth noting that the fat grafting procedure is performed through the transfer of the patient’s own fat from one part of the body to another, which further enhances the long-lasting results.
Is invasive liposuction the new Body Contouring?
Modern invasive liposuction effectively contributes in creating the right Body Contouring, and it is considered as the most “active” method for the elimination of local fat. The final result is considered more controlled, and therefore it is closer to the desired. Through liposuction, excess fat that is accumulated between the skin and the muscles is removed in a controlled manner and eliminated during the procedure.
Is liposuction indicated for the treatment of obesity?
No. Liposuction is not a procedure to treat obesity or to achieve significant weight loss, and it should not be considered as a substitute of diet or exercise. To the contrary, it can be the trigger for a targeted and conscious weight loss programme.
Who is the ideal candidate to undergo liposuction?
The ideal candidate for liposuction is a person with almost normal weight who still has local fat that is resistant to healthy diet and exercise.
Can liposuction eliminate effectively cellulite and skin relaxation?
Although liposuction is an effective method for the treatment of local fat, it is not a solution to eliminate cellulite, stretch marks or skin relaxation.
Does liposuction improve skin texture and quality?
Liposuction improves the body contour, creating the right analogies depending on each body type, but it does not improve skin texture or quality.
After liposuction, will I ever gain weight again?
Fat cells removed through liposuction will be never reborn. However, you should keep your weight at normal levels - close to your regular weight - your diet should be healthy and you should exercise regularly, because if you gain excess weight suddenly possibly the remaining fat cells’ volume will increase.
What if I regain weight after liposuction?
If you gain some weight, the accumulated fat volume will be definitely proportionally smaller at the area that was treated, as compared to other areas of your body that have not been treated.
How long is the recovery time after the intervention?
One week is usually required for the recovery before you can return to work and other everyday activities. Bruising or swelling will probably occur, which will gradually disappear as time goes by. During the first days after the surgery the use of a surgical corset is recommended, which will further enhance the reduction of swelling and bruising that may occur.
When will the scars from liposuction disappear?
The tiny, almost invisible scars that are caused during the intervention will disappear with the passage of time, after a healing and maturation period that usually lasts about 12 months.
When will I see the results?
The results of the intervention are gradually improving on a daily basis for a period from 6 up to 12 months. To some extent the results may be immediately evident after the surgery. However, the improvement is much more evident when swelling and fluid retention disappear.

I was never fat… I would say that my body was like a “pear”... liposuction helped me have a nice body contour with harmonious curves!

Anthi Μ., 38 years old

I cannot describe the perfect feeling in me, when I finally got rid of local fat,
with no discomfort at all!

Asimina Κ.

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