LipoLysis treatment offers:

  • Combat of local fat on both face and body
  • Permanent reduction of the number of fat cells
  • Sculpted, harmonious curves
  • Takes inches off your body

LipoLysis treatment allows painless intervention on the body’s fat deposits. These are areas such as the abdomen, flanks, buns and buttocks, in which the number of fat cells is usually increased, and they accumulate excess fat, get larger and form local fat on the body and/or face. These areas are resistant to all attempts to “control” them with healthy diet and regular exercise. LipoLysis treatment can eliminate the painlessly and effectively.


Microliposculpture with a biocompatible substance

LipoLysis is a treatment that liquefies the fat cells, making microliposculpture possible in a quick, painless and safe manner. Contrary to other treatments targeting fat cells, LipoLysis does not introduce foreign chemical substances to the body that may be harmful for the organism. It is based on a substance that the organism produces anyway in order to burn fat, desoxycholic acid, which is normally produced by the liver and its role is to breakdown fat cells membranes, so that to free their fatty acids and be eliminated via the lymphatic pathway.
Scientists have succeeded in reproducing this substance in the laboratory, so that to develop a biocompatible active ingredient, which targets fat cells at the areas of local fat and lipolysis is achieved. With this procedure, there is no risk for the organism and fat cells are eliminated naturally (through the process of apoptosis), allowing the required time for the skin to adjust, thanks to its elasticity.

3-D elimination of local fat using microliposculpture

The result is perfectly smooth, as the infusions with the active substance are applied with an advanced mesotherapy technique which achieves 3-D elimination of local fat so that to avoid the development of defects on the skin’s surface. The infusions are applied so that to combat all fat, at any extent or depth, because fat tends to be formed unevenly in the subcutaneous tissue.
The results of microliposculpture are permanent, as treatment leads to definitive reduction of fat cell number, providing more harmonious curves, even in cases of weight gain in the future. To further enhance the result, LipoLysis can be applied in combination with other non-invasive treatments that combat local fat, such as the original cryolipolysis procedure CoolSculpting® or thermolysis procedure Exilis Elite™.

For an excellent aesthetic result combine the LipoLysis Microliposculpture treatment with:

The points of excellence of LipoLysis treatment
  • Painless microliposculpture with a biocompatible substance
  • Normal elimination, not necrosis, of fat cells
  • 3-D application for a smooth result
  • Time allowed for skin adjustment
  • Permanent results
  • Treatment suitable for double chin, “buffalo” hump, arms, belly, back, love handles, saddle bags, buttocks, thighs, knees, pseudogynecomastia
  • Effectiveness confirmed through clinical studies

Συμβουλές Διατροφής


In which cases is LipoLysis treatment indicated?
LipoLysis treatment is indicated to combat local fat at areas such as the double chin, "buffalo" hump (behind the neck), arms, belly, back, love handles, waist circumference, "saddle bags", the inner thighs and knees, while it is also indicated for the treatment of pseudogynecomastia among men. It is a treatment that can be applied together with other non-invasive treatments eliminating local fat, such as the original cryolipolysis procedure CoolSculpting® or thermolipolysis procedure Exilis Elite™, to further enhance the result. It could be also applied together with a treatment aiming at stimulating vascular and lymphatic circulation, such as LPG Endermologie procedure or acoustic waves procedure X-Wave.
Is the treatment safe?
Yes, LipoLysis treatment is perfectly safe, as it is based on the action of a substance that is biocompatible with the body, desoxycholic acid, which is normally produced by the liver and contributes in the breakdown of fat cells. Scientists replicated the chemical substance in the laboratory so that to use it to target fat in areas with local fat. In addition, the substance is directly infused into the subcutaneous tissue, and as a result neighbouring tissues are not affected at all. Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of LipoLysis.
Does the treatment hurt?
No, it is a perfectly comfortable treatment.
Are there any side effects?
Mild bruising, swelling and irritation may appear at the infusion sites, but these are only temporary and disappear after a few days.
How many treatment sessions are required?
LipoLysis treatment is usually completed with 4 sessions, which are repeated every three weeks.
When will the results be visible?
The first results are visible after the 2nd session and continue to improve for up to three weeks after the treatment programme completion. This is because of the slow release of the active ingredients of LipoLysis treatment. The ingredients are slowly released in the body and their effect goes on even after you’ve returned home.
Is the result smooth?
Yes. Contrary to other mesotherapy procedures, LipoLysis treatment is applied using an advanced infusion technique, specially designed to combat all fat, at any extent or depth. The so-called “fan technique” allows "3-D" application of fat-dissolving substances. The aim is to release the required amount of the substance depending on the volume and location of the excess fat cells, so that to achieve a smooth result and avoid the development of defects on the skin’s surface.
How long will the result last?
LipoLysis treatment result is permanent. The number of fat cells is permanently reduced at the area under treatment, since the substances breakdown the fat and cause fat cells apoptosis (normal cell death). Therefore, even in case of weight gain, the fat will be evenly distributed throughout the body.

Medical Equipment

  • Painless microliposculpture with a biocompatible substance
  • 3-D application for smooth results
  • Permanent result, evident from the 2nd session

With LipoLysis treatment, I finally succeeded in combating local fat on my arms, which really bothered me since I was young. I feel happy and proud that I can wear sleeveless tops all year round!

Alexandra Sigala

I chose the LipoLysis treatment because I wanted a permanent solution for my saddle bags. From the 2nd treatment the difference was very noticeable. After 4 sessions I got rid of them for good!

Eleanna Papanika

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