Have you noticed that your skin has lost its tightness and is sagging, making the signs of time more visible? Have you tried going to the gym and eating healthy with no result? If you still dream of sculpted buttocks, perfect breast and youthful hands, you can make your dream come true in the specialised IQ - Intensive Quality Skin Clinics.


The aesthetic rejuvenation of your image is called "Lipofilling", and can guarantee in just one session to offer you the desired image, easily, with no pain, and safely. This is the latest advanced autologous fat transplantation procedure, which utilises excess fat in the best possible way, effectively using it on the body areas that need it. In particular, excess fat is removed from the corresponding body areas and it is transferred to areas with problem, so that to correct imperfections. Therefore, the size is restored and the shape is improved, enhancing the overall image of your body and helping you feel self-confident again. The advantages of the procedure include the natural and long-lasting result, the absence of incisions, and the minimal side effects and downtime. Indeed, these are the reasons why Hollywood stars cannot resist to the amazing results of Lipofilling in areas with problem that are directly linked to the female side of every woman. Buttocks, breast, hands are all areas of female superiority that attract men’s attention. So why not give yourself a gift and regain the so wanted attractive attention you dream!


Buttocks, almost without a doubt our body’s sexiest part, as time goes not only sag but also present skin relaxation.The aging process, several inherited factors, body weight ups and downs have a negative effect on skin’s elasticity. Breast

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The main advantage of this method is that a woman can have a “full”, tight breast while removing excess fat that is accumulated in other areas of the body, such as the saddle bags. In addition, it is really important that the fat infused in the breast through fat transfer – lipofilling procedure is from the body itself, which completely eliminates any chances of rejecting artificial implants, if that breast augmentation procedure is selected.

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Dorsal hand

Τhe dorsal part of the hands, as years go by, especially the adipose tissue gets thinner whilst the dermis loses its youthful volume leading to visible bones, tendons, vessels and veins.

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