Invasive procedures for the Torso - Limbs

Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder… But for the beholder to see our beauty, we should feel beautiful within our minds. This is the reason why we often desperately use slimming products or follow restrictive diets and strenuous exercise programmes. Because we think that they will help us to have an ideal body with perfect curves that won’t go unnoticed. Flat stomach with ripped abs, well-sculpted thighs, and well-shaped arms are some of the so-wanted targets we usually want to attain, but rarely achieve.


In the specialised Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery medical clinics we can help you attain all your targets that will make you feel beautiful, reflecting your beauty in every step you make.

Thanks to the ultra-modern and personalised treatments you can have the well-shaped body of your dreams in just one session! Thigh Lift, Abdominoplasty or Upper Arm Lift are some of the cosmetic surgery procedures that offer excellent, immediate, and most importantly permanent results. These treatments are suitable for both women and men with visible skin sagging on their abdomen, thighs and arms that feel embarrassed in their clothes and want to improve their image.

These treatments will not only boost your self-confidence, but they will also improve your mood and overall well-being, leaving your insecurities behind. There is only one thing you should do – book your appointment for a detailed consultation, to evaluate your needs and then decide on the therapeutic plan that suits you.

Brazilian Butt Lift

As time goes by, the buttocks, probably the sexiest part of our body, show skin relaxation and “sagging”. This is due to ageing, body weight fluctuations, and various inherited factors that negatively affect skin elasticity.

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Dorsal hand

As time goes by, the adipose tissue of the dorsal part of the hands becomes thinner, while the epidermis loses its volume, resulting in visible veins, vessels, tendons, and bones.

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Abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck") is the most active invasive method for the treatment of excess fat accumulated in the abdominal area. The procedure of abdominoplasty includes the removal of adipose tissues and sagging skin from the middle and lower parts of the abdomen, while the suturing and tightening of the abdominal wall muscles during the same procedure reduces the chances of developing future hernias in the region, thus changing significantly each body type.

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Upper Arm Lift

Quite often fat starts being accumulated in the inner part of the upper arms because of ageing, excess weight gain or weight loss, which ultimately leads to skin sagging that cannot be managed with diet and exercise. This usually makes us feel embarrassment when our arms are not covered up by clothes when we wear short sleeve or sleeveless tops.

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Thigh Lift

When trying to lose weight, we forget skin “sagging” that comes right after and cannot be corrected through exercise only. In many cases, excess skin may appear on the inner part of the thighs, because of reduced skin elasticity and the thinner skin in that area.

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