Invasive Breast Procedures

Is your breast that part of your body that makes you feel uncomfortable? Many women, but also a number of men, do not feel comfortable with the appearance of their breast, which may influence their view of their bodies and - of course - their self-confidence. Breast cosmetic surgery is one of the most frequently applied procedures for breast augmentation, reduction or lift among women, or gynecomastia among men. In our medical clinics we offer high-level expertise and experience.


Breast cosmetic surgery includes various procedures to reveal your breast, change its shape and enhance its roundness and curves. Breast augmentation is the most common invasive procedure in cosmetic surgery. It involves the placement of implants in the breast area so that to achieve the desired breast size and shape. Breast lift is performed to restore the lost breast roundness and tightness, which may be the result of pregnancy, breast-feeding or age. The procedure focuses on reshaping the breast contour and removing excess skin. Some women choose to combine breast augmentation and breast lift so that to restore the lost volume due to changes in their bodies.

Breast reduction is a different cosmetic surgery procedure, and it is the ideal solution for women with excessively large breast, which is usually the result of an abnormal reaction of the breasts to certain hormones. The reasons that lead many women to choose breast reduction include back and neck pain, difficulty in finding clothes, inability to participate in certain activities and physical exercise, feeling annoyed because they are eye-catching, low self-confidence at personal and social level. Men may also develop larger breasts (gynecomastia) and they usually choose breast reduction surgery to improve their masculinity. No matter what the problem may be with your breast that you want to restore, you should first discuss all available options, the benefits and your expectations with the experienced cosmetic surgery team of our medical clinics.

Natural and optimal results

The specialised cosmetic surgery team of our medical clinics, IQ - Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, is the most experienced in the field of restoring breast imperfections in both women and men. The highest priority of our scientific personnel is your safety and to achieve a natural and optimal result. That’s why we offer you the most technologically advanced procedures, so that to provide you top quality medical care in our well-equipped clinics. The consultation visit is free of charge and you will have the opportunity to meet our specialised medical team, be informed about our services, and find out which breast procedures best fit your needs. Our doctors are always available to help you enhance your self-confidence because you want to look beautiful always and you worth it!

Breast Lift

Breast lift is an invasive procedure that reshapes the contour of your breast by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. The selection of the right procedure by our specialised surgeons, after detailed evaluation of your problem, achieves guaranteed natural and optimal results.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation in our medical clinics is a safe invasive procedure, involving the placement of silicone implants, which are approved by the strict US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and have long life guarantee. The result is natural, minimal recovery time is required and your self-confidence will be enhanced straight away.

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Breast Reduction

Reducing the size of a large breast and contouring it to be in harmony with the rest of your body is achieved with the absolutely personalised treatment plan that will be specified by our scientific team according to your natural characteristics and your wishes. The advanced techniques of our surgeons reduce the required recovery time by accelerating the healing process.

Breast Reduction


You don’t have to let gynecomastia ruin the masculine image of your chest. Modern advanced medical procedures allow the specialised cosmetic surgeon to restore quickly the contour of your breast so that to be in harmony with the rest of your body without scarring.

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