Exilis Elite™

Thermolipolysis for local fat

Exilis Elite™ treatment offers:

  • Permanent elimination of local fat
  • Increased local metabolism
  • Treatment of skin sagging
  • Smoothing of microwrinkles on the face, neck and neckline
  • Deep tightening of the tissues
  • Improvement of vascular and lymphatic circulation
  • Reduction of cellulite

Exilis Elite™system is the first EBD (Energy Based Device) that combines the use of monopolar radiofrequencies and ultrasounds to break down fat cells and tighten tissues in an absolutely painless and safe manner.
The treatment acts through the method of thermolipolysis, i.e. heat is used to achieve lipolysis.


Increase in local metabolism by 110%

The enhanced energy of Exilis Elite™ is channelled to the desired depth of the adipose tissue and increases its temperature to 42-44°C. The aim is to cause hyperaemia, vasodilatation, oxygen release and therefore increased local metabolism. Within less than one minute, fat burning at the treatment area is increased by 110%, initiating the breakdown of adipocytes, which are permanently eliminated from the body within the following days in a natural way (apoptosis process). Therefore, body’s curves sculpture is achieved, making the body look well-shaped and more harmonious. At the same time, possible relaxation of the area under treatment is corrected, thanks to the production of fresh collagen from the fibroblasts. The skin becomes tighter and firmer very quickly.

Targeted thermolipolysis with safety

The thermolipolysis procedure with Exilis Elite™ is a safe procedure, as the device is equipped with an integrated thermometer that constantly monitors skin temperature. In addition, it is equipped with an integrated cooling system, which maintains the pleasant feeling on your skin, even when internal temperature reaches 44°C. Some compare it with the feeling of a “hot stone massage”. It is worth noting that Exilis Elite™ comes with two different applicators for the treatment of the face and body, respectively. In a targeted and consistent manner, it offers painless lifting of the face, neck and neckline, while it combats local fat of the abdomen, back, flanks, love handles, buttocks, thighs, saddle bags, arms, double chin, and gynecomastia (for men).

For an excellent aesthetic result, combine Exilis Elite treatment with:

The points of excellence of Exilis Elite™ treatment
  • Simultaneous treatment of local fat and skin relaxation
  • Faster and more effective action thanks to the combined energy
  • Safe application thanks to its integrated thermometer and cooling system
  • Painless procedure, feeling like a hot stone massage
  • Smooth result, evident from the 3rd session
  • In 2013 approval was granted by the US FDA

Συμβουλές Διατροφής


Is the Exilis Elite treatment suitable for me?;
Exilis Elite treatment is suitable for people with normal weight looking for a non-invasive solution to combat stubborn local fat that resists healthy diet and regular exercise. It is also an ideal treatment to combat skin relaxation at the face, neck and neckline, as well as body. It is indicated for men with gynecomastia, women after childbirth with local fat and skin relaxation at the abdomen area, as well as for post-menopausal women to improve the appearance of their body. Exilis Elite treatment is also indicated in cases of local fat that cannot be eliminated with the original cryolipolysis procedure, CoolSculpting®, either because the volume of fat is not sufficient for the suction of the applicators to be effective, or because of significant skin relaxation.
How does Exilis Elite enhance local fat reduction?
Exilis Elite induces thermolipolysis, i.e. targeted increase of the temperature in the adipose tissue in order to breakdown local fat. Through the use of monopolar radiofrequencies, it can increase adipose tissue temperature to 42-44°C. The increased temperature causes hyperaemia, vasodilation, and enhanced oxygenation at the area with local fat. Oxygen action involves the breakdown of fat, as it contributes in the enhancement of combustions and local metabolism at a rate of 110%. Through the thermolipolysis procedure, fat cells dissolve and their apoptosis begins (normal cell death). Therefore, permanent reduction of their number at the area under treatment is achieved, and in case of body weight gain at a later point, fat is distributed evenly throughout the body.
How is skin tightening achieved with Exilis Elite?;
Exilis Elite is the only system offering a combination of monopolar radiofrequencies and ultrasound in one device. The enhanced energy is absorbed by the fibroblasts, which start producing more collagen. Collagen is an essential structural component of the skin, and its production is reduced by 1% each year after the age of 20 years. Lack of collagen leads in skin relaxation and the formation of wrinkles. With Exilis Elite, fibroblasts are activated and start producing fresh collagen. The skin regains its tightness really quickly.
On which body parts can Exilis Elite be applied?
Exilis Elite device comes with two different applicators, one for the face, neck and neckline, and one for the body. In the facial area, usually skin relaxation around the eyes, mouth, chin and jaws is treated, while with the applicator for the body it is possible to combat local fat and skin relaxation of the double chin, belly, back, flanks, buttocks, thighs, knees, and arms.
Is treatment with Exilis Elite safe?

Exilis Elite device is equipped with an advanced cooling system, which allows maximum accuracy in setting the penetration depth of radiofrequencies and ultrasounds. This ensures that the treatment is applied on the right depth in the tissue, depending on the area of the body and the individual treatment required (lipolysis and/or skin tightening) without posing a risk to the epidermis and without being uncomfortable for the patient. By changing the cooling and heating settings, the operator can focus treatment at a depth of 3.5-4 cm to enhance lipolysis, or closer to the surface, at a depth of 1.5 cm, to activate the skin tightening process.

In addition, the cooling system is automatically activated if treatment temperature exceeds the desired limit of 42-44°C, thus preventing any burns. This may be the case when the device is used for the contouring of uneven and round body or face areas, such as the jaws. Treatment safety is also ensured by the thermometer, which is integrated on the applicator, allowing constant temperature monitoring. Exilis Elite™ is the only device with an integrated thermometer, allowing real-time skin temperature monitoring by the operator without interrupting the treatment to use an external thermometer.

Does treatment with Exilis Elite hurt? Is anaesthesia required?
Treatment is absolutely tolerable and no anaesthesia is required during the session. The feeling during the application is similar to a pleasant hot stone massage. The applicator for the face is also equipped with ultrasound allowing for better penetration of the energy and a more pleasant feeling.
Is Exilis Elite approved by the FDA?

The strict committee of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified the Exilis Elite in 2013. In comparison to other radiofrequency devices, Exilis Eliteensures:

  • maximum effectiveness thanks to monopolar radiofrequency action
  • better penetration of the energy and more pleasant feeling thanks to the combined use of ultrasound
  • targeted and safe application thanks to its integrated thermometer and cooling system

Thanks to its advanced technology, Exilis Elite is extremely effective in fat breakdown at the areas with local fat, while tissue tightening is also achieved. As it enhances vascular and lymphatic circulation, it also improves significantly the appearance of cellulite.

How long does each session last?
The duration of each session is about 15-30 minutes on each body area.
Are there and contraindications for treatment with Exilis Elite?
Treatment with Exilis Elite should not be applied to people with acute oedematous conditions, active cutaneous conditions (herpes, acne, psoriasis), metal implants at the treatment application area (unless they are electrically neutral), diabetes mellitus, thrombosis, pacemakers, multiple sclerosis, pregnant or nursing women, cancer that is not in remission, or in cases that cortisone has been used.
Does treatment with Exilis Elite,sup>™ cause any side effects?
No. There are no side effects. Mild redness may appear on the area under treatment, but this is only temporary and subsides within a few hours. Treatment with Exilis Elite is safe for all skin types, with no downtime at all.
How many Exilis Elite treatment sessions will I need?
Depending on each case, 6-12 sessions are recommended, one session per week. When the treatment programme is completed, one session per month is sufficient to maintain the result.
When will I start seeing results?
The results start being visible just after the first session, and improve day by day. Usually a profound improvement is evident after the 6th session, but the result improves constantly for a period of three months after the end of the complete treatment programme, as the body needs some time to permanently eliminate excess fat cells and produce new collagen fibres.
How long do the results of Exilis Elite treatment last?
Exilis Elite is an effective treatment for local fat reduction and skin tightening. The result is permanent when fat breakdown is considered, as the device reduces permanently the number of fat cells at the treatment area. Therefore, in case of body weight gain at a later point, fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. As far as skin tightening is concerned, the results last for a long period of time after the completion of treatment, but normal ageing process cannot be stopped. Factors affecting the ageing process include unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, dehydration, hormonal changes, and the intake of certain medicines.

Medical Equipment

  • Combined RF and ultrasound action
  • Thermolipolysis to take inches off your body
  • Integrated thermometers for safe application
  • Device approved by the US FDA

Exilis finally gave me the body I always wanted!

Chrysanthi Μ.

Until recently, I was only aware of cryolipolysis. I combined it with thermolipolysis and the results were even better! I can’t wait for the summer to go to the beach without feeling ashamed!

Anna Avgerinou

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