Dr. Maritina Roppa


Dr. Maritina Roppa is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Athens, specialised in Dermatology-Venereologist. She is specialised in dermatological oncology in the University Dermatology Clinic of Minden Hospital, Germany, and she is certified by the German Society of Ultrasound in Medicine for her ability to perform skin, subcutaneous tissue and lymph nodes ultrasound exams.

She has extended working experience in the fields of Dermatology / Oncology / Haematology in Germany, and she was Germany’s representative in the twelfth European seminar “Euroderm Excellence” that took place in Nice, France, in 2015, as a member of a team of selected residents of dermatology.

She has participated in clinical studies as sub-investigator in the fields of psoriasis, actinic hyperkeratosis, and skin lymphomas. She has taken part as a speaker in the conferences of DWFA dermatology association in Cologne, as well as in presentations of clinical oncology cases during the established annual Derma Onko Forum of the University Dermatology Clinic of Minden Hospital in Germany.