Dr. Alberto Goldman

Plastic Surgeon

A certified plastic surgeon from Brazil, Dr. Alberto Goldman completed his studies in “Clinica Planas”, Barcelona, Spain. Former President of the Brazilian Society for LASER in Medicine and Surgery, he is the Director of Plastic Surgery Clinic “Clinica Goldman” of Porto Alegre, Brazil, a training and treatment centre in the fields of LASER medicine, plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine and dermatology.

A pioneer in LASER lipolysis (liposuction using LASER) and internationally recognised for his advanced specialisation in LASER medicine, he trains doctors and surgeons from all over the world in aesthetic surgery, non-invasive LASER procedures, and LASER liposuction.

Dr. Goldman is the author of many published scientific articles on plastic surgery, non-invasive and cosmetic treatments. He is top author of publications that concern LASER liposuction exclusively, and now he focuses on new and advanced applications based on LASER technology, including treatments for cellulite, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and skin tightening.

He is a senior member of the Brazilian Association of Plastic Surgeons, a member of the Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgery “Ibero”, a member of the Brazilian Society for LASER in Medicine and Surgery, a member of the European Association of Aesthetic Surgery, a member of the Sociedad Planas de Cirugia Plastica of Spain, as well as the Italian Association of Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Surgeons.