About 1.4 billion women worldwide suffer from cellulite. Many of them select different ways to combat cellulite from time to time: diet, creams, lotions, plant products, special nutrition supplements, massage techniques, but the results are poor. The fact is that there is no single product or one treatment to eliminate cellulite on its own, since the problem is caused by multiple factors. A combination of targeted treatments is required so that to fully combat cellulite, and achieve amazing results. Because actually cellulite can disappear!appear!

Cellulite starts when the natural functioning of subcutaneous tissue cells is disturbed. Fat cells become enlarged and put pressure on connective tissue, which gradually loses its elasticity, and fibroses develop as time goes by that “pull” the skin towards the inside, forming unsightly dimples that are responsible for the orange peel appearance. Cellulite is a problem that mainly concerns women, because women have a much larger number of fat cells than men, which are useful as energy deposits during pregnancy.
Some people think that healthy diet and exercise can effectively eliminate cellulite. But this is not true, as they cannot address the underlying causes of cellulite. This can only be achieved through specialised treatments.

3D Combination Therapy against Cellulite

At IQ – Intensive Quality Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery – medical practices the treatment of cellulite does not involve a single therapy or procedure. We combine four different procedures to target each cause of cellulite and achieve the desired results. We are aware of the fact that cellulite is caused by many different factors (heredity, sedentary life, unhealthy diet, hormonal disorders, etc.) and extends to all skin layers. The 3D combination therapy that we use is the solution to the ineffectiveness of single treatments.
Four effective treatments are used in combination and thanks to their interaction 3D treatment of cellulite is achieved, as they act on three levels: adipose tissue, where they combat enlarged adipocytes (fat cells), connective tissue, to restore elasticity, and on the epidermis, eliminating the characteristic dimpling. Cellulite is significantly reduced just after the first few sessions, giving way to smoother, softer skin!


The new, FDA-approved treatment against cellulite utilises acoustic waves to improve tissue perfusion and prevent the enlargement of fat cells. This transforms cellulite from a chronic to an acute condition, which is much easier to treat. At the same time it rejuvenates the skin and improves the appearance of any scars or stretch marks.

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An advanced mesotherapy procedure for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, which is based on an active medical preparation with antioxidant and firming properties. It aims at enhancing the blood and lymphatic systems, as well as to eliminate the substances that lead to the enlargement of fat cells. A clinically proven treatment, with zero downtime, and visible results just after the first treatment session.

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A targeted treatment to smooth skin dimples accompanied by the formation of cellulite. It is a minimally invasive treatment, as it is applied using a microscopic instrument, specially designed to be introduced in the skin without causing injuries for the subcision of fibroses that pull the skin towards the inside, altering skin smoothness.

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LPG Endermologie®

The only 100% natural, non-invasive procedure, the first one that was approved by the US FDA for the treatment of cellulite. Through skin stimulation with a mechanical lipomassage it activates blood and lymphatic circulation, it enhances the drainage of toxins and retained fluids, and it combats enlarged fat cells that contribute to the formation of cellulite.

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Carboxytherapy is so natural therapy - just like breathing. Carboxytherapy aims at enhancing oxygen supply - and thus nutrition and life - to the tissues, resulting in more youthful, firmer and brighter skin, without cellulite.

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