Breaks the bonds of skin to cellulite

CelluClip treatment offers :

  • Permanent solution for skin dimples
  • Targeted subcision of fibroses caused by cellulite
  • Smoothing of the epidermis

CelluClip treatment was developed to combat the unsightly skin dimpling, which is a characteristic feature of cellulite. The characteristic "dimples" that make the skin look uneven and are visible under tight clothes. These “dimples” are due to the hypertrophic collagen and elastin fibres, which create thick and short fibroses that pull the skin towards the inside and damage the smoothness of the epidermis.


CelluClip smoothes cellulite "dimples"

CelluClip treatment allows relieving the skin from the bonds of cellulite, and it makes your skin smoother immediately. The technique is applied with a special instrument that is inserted at the areas with dimple. Then it cuts the fibroses which pull of the skin towards the inside.
The procedure is minimally invasive, as the microscopic dedicated tool has a spear-like edge to prevent any skin injuries when inserted. Instead, this microscopic device cuts out effectively all the fibroses through rotating movements towards the inside.

One treatment for all stages of cellulite

The instrument is specially designed to combat deep skin dimples (circular, oval, linear) that are visible when we stand up with no pressure applied on the skin. Many times, the said dimples are present even when cellulite is not at an advanced stage, i.e. when the characteristic orange peel appearance is only visible when the skin is pinched. In these cases, dimples may still be present, damaging the smooth texture of the skin.
CelluClip can be applied on all skin areas where cellulite develops, such as the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Treatment application is painless; it lasts about 30 minutes without scarring. Immediately after subcision, the skin is immediately discharged and levels with the neighboring skin, providing a smooth, uniform appearance. The result is visible straight away and it is permanent. It is not necessary to repeat treatment on the same areas, because once fibroses are cut out, they are not reconnected. As part of a complete programme to combat cellulite, CelluClip treatment can be combined with X-Wave™, CelluSculpting and LPG.

For an excellent aesthetic result, combine CelluClip treatment with:

The points of excellence of CelluClip treatment
  • Targeted treatment of skin dimples
  • Only one session is sufficient
  • Immediately visible result
  • Painless, safe application
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Permanent result
  • Zero recovery time
  • Treatment suitable for the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs

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In which cases is CelluClip treatment indicated?
CelluClip treatment is indicated for more advanced stages of cellulite, when it is visible while we stand up, without applying any pressure on the skin. The treatment can be applied on the areas where skin dimples are located, because of the hypertrophic collagen and elastin fibres that draw the skin to the inside. This treatment can combat all types of dimples (circular, oval, linear) that may be even present when cellulite is not excessive.
Which are the stages of treatment?
Initially, the skin dimples are identified with the use of a bright torch while the patient is standing up. All dimples with circular, oval or linear shape that are responsible for the uneven skin surface are marked. Straight after this, the patient lies down and local anaesthesia is applied on the areas with dimples so that to apply the treatment without causing any pain. Following this, the doctor uses a dedicated instrument to release the skin from its “bonds” through the subsicion of fibroses due to cellulite. Treatment lasts less than 30 minutes and the patient can return to his/her daily activities straight away.
Does the treatment hurt?
No, it is a minimally invasive, absolutely comfortable treatment, as local anaesthesia is applied before the procedure.
How many sessions are required?
CelluClip treatment is completed during just one session. The skin is immediately "released" from cellulite and the result is evident straight away. It is not necessary to repeat treatment on the same areas, because once fibroses are cut out, they are not reconnected.
When will I see the results?
The result of CelluClip treatment is evident straight away. As soon as fibroses subcision is completed, the skin is "released", and returns to its initial state, providing a smooth, uniform appearance of the epidermis.
Does the treatment cause scarring?
No. The instrument used for the subcision of fibroses is microscopic, and its edge resembles a spear, so that to be inserted in the skin once and cut out the fibroses through rotary movements towards the inside. At the point it is inserted, mild bruising may occur, which is normal and subsides after a few days.

I strongly recommend CelluClip treatment. I have tried many treatments for cellulite, but this was the first time that the result was evident straight away! Thank you so much!

Voula Kanaraki

Thanks to the CelluClip procedure, I will enjoy summer for the first time!

Iro D., 33 years old

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