Combating skin relaxation with extra doses of oxygen

Carboxytherapy offers

  • Combats skin relaxation
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Restores skin brightness
  • Combats cellulite and local fat
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks

Carboxytherapy is an absolutely natural therapy that is constantly gaining ground in cosmetic dermatology just because it only has benefits for the skin. Carboxytherapy takes advantage of the body’s natural mechanism so as to offer valuable oxygen and thus food to skin tissues that lose their tone and become more relaxed as time goes by. The result of this enhanced oxygenation is firmer and tighter skin, with no signs of relaxation to reveal its age..


Carboxytherapy is actually "breath of life" for the skin

Carboxytherapy takes advantage of a natural process of the body: the use of oxygen to eliminate carbon dioxide. Treatment is applied through the administration of low doses of carboxy (CO2) in areas showing skin relaxation, aiming at the enhancement of blood circulation at that area, as blood is the carrier of oxygen. Enhanced perfusion and oxygenisation leads to the angiogenesis of new blood cells and stimulates collagen production, thus improving the appearance of the skin.
Carboxytherapy can be safely applied on the neck, arms, belly and stomach, hips and legs. Through the reconstruction of the collagen matrix, the skin looks tighter and firmer.

A super weapon in the quiver of cosmetic dermatology

Carboxytherapy has been proven to be a super weapon in the quiver of cosmetic dermatology, as the enhanced oxygenation of the tissues is beneficial to the overall condition of the skin. Apart from skin relaxation, the treatment combats cellulite, too - thus enhancing the decongestion of tissues from toxins and better metabolism of local fat, while significantly improving stretch marks. Therefore the skin regains its elasticity, its brightness and - most importantly - its youthfulness!

The points of excellence of treating skin relaxation with Carboxytherapy
  • Enhanced tissue perfusion and oxygenation
  • Simultaneous improvement of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Natural treatment with no side effectsΦυσική θεραπεία, χωρίς παρενέργειες
  • No downtime

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How does Carboxytherapy work?
The treatment is based on the slow injection of low doses of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in body sites showing wrinkling and skin relaxation. Carboxytherapy treatment compels the organism to immediately respond as well as to administer more amounts of oxygen locally to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2), a procedure similar to breathing mechanism. Blood is the carrier of oxygen, therefore carboxytherapy aims at the enhancement of blood circulation locally. Oxygenation and better perfusion lead to the angiogenesis of new blood cells and to the reformation of collagen in treatment areas which result in lifting and tissue rejuvenation as well as to the improvement of the skin’s appearance.
In which other cases is Carboxytherapy used?
Carboxytherapy offers remarkable results in the treatment of local fat, cellulite, dark circles (panda eyes) and stretch marks and is being widely used for several years by dermatologists. It is also a recommended treatment for hair loss. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is subcutaneously injected to the scalp resulting in the opening of the microscopic blood cells, that is vasodilation. The scalp thanks to vasodilation is nourished. Hair loss stops and hair growth is triggered.
Are there any side effects?
Bruising or mild oedema is possible to appear on the infused areas. However, both are normal and will dissipate within the next 48 hours. Having said that, there are no other known risks related to the treatment of carboxytherapy. The safety of the treatment is easily proved considering the fact that it is being used for decades for the purposes of facilitation of the endoscopic intervention in the area of the abdomen. Invasive cardiologists directly infuse carbon dioxide injections in the blood circulation as part of particular therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.
How many sessions are required?
The number of Carboxytherapy sessions depends on the particularities of each case, the extent and nature of the given problem. Generally, a minimum of 4-12 sessions, with 1-2 weekly sessions are required. Following that repeat sessions (the number of sessions is specific for each case) are recommended every 6 months for results maintenance.
How long does each session last?
Usually, a session lasts from a quarter of an hour to half hour (15-30 minutes).
When will I see results?
It will take about 2 to 3 Carboxytherapy sessions for the results to be visible. The duration of the results is 6 months to say the least. By the end of the six months to further maintain the results repeat sessions are recommended.
Does the treatment hurt?
No, it’s a pain-free treatment. Patients may expect to feel a smooth sense of pressure in the area receiving the treatment, which is absolutely tolerable.
Can Carboxytherapy be combined with other treatments?
Absolutely. For better results, carboxytherapy-depending on the particularities of each case- can be combined with skin threads, as well as the Exilis Elite™ for the treatment of skin relaxation.

Medical Equipment

  • Supply of medical carbon dioxide(CO2)
  • Control system for the depth of action
  • Gas flow monitor
  • Monitor of the supply of gas ml per treatment
  • Programme selector for the treatment of cellulite, skin relaxation, stretch marks, local fat

I would never expect such a simple and natural treatment to be so effective. The skin in my arms and belly is much tighter!

Dafni Ζ., 42 years old

I had 8 Carboxytherapy sessions in the abdomen area, where my skin was really relaxed after three pregnancies, and the improvement was amazing!
I’d definitely recommend it!

Eleni F., 39 years old

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