Buttock Augmentation

For dreamy curves

As we get older, skin elasticity is negatively affected, a condition that is definitely due to inevitable ageing, sudden fluctuations of weight, and a variety of genetic factors. A characteristic example of obvious skin sagging is the buttocks, which are also a symbol of femininity and sensuality.

However, buttock augmentation can make your buttocks round, tight and youthful again, while your body as a whole becomes more attractive.

Buttock Augmentation is the most advanced autologous fat transfer procedure (i.e. fat from the same body) to the buttocks so that to restore their contour and improve their shape.

This procedure is indicated for people with excess fat in various body areas such as the abdomen. Local fat can be eliminatedin just one session with non-surgical liposuction and following the appropriate processing then can be infused in the buttocks. The operation lasts from 30’ to 90’, local anaesthesia is required and the result is long-lasting, without any side effects, because no artificial implants are used, but autologous fat. In any case, this is a process that is performed by experienced medical and nursing staff in our specialised medical clinics, IQ – Intensive Quality Skin Clinics.

Buttock Augmentation offers:
The points of excellence of Buttock Augmentation
  • Impressive results
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Improved overall body contour
  • Young-looking shape and appearence of buttocks
  • Your clothes will fit better
  • Zero risk of complications
  • Natural, immediately visible and long-lasting result (2-5 years)
  • Impressive improvement in appearance in one session
  • Simultaneous treatment of skin sagging and local fat, with no pain or side effects
  • No incisions
  • Immediate return to your normal routine

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Why shall I undergo this surgical operation?
The answer to this question is determined by your need to improve your appearance immediately. If you are among those people that try in vain to improve the contour of their buttocks through healthy diet and intensive exercise, and want an immediately visible and long-lasting result, then Buttock Augmentation is the procedure that will eliminate skin sagging, giving you the curves you always wanted.
Am I a suitable candidate?
Buttock Augmentation is an appropriate procedure as long as:
  • You do not have health problems
  • You have experienced a great loss of weight
  • You have fat deposits in other parts of your body (e.g. abdomen)
  • Your weight normal, but you still want to optimize the contour of your buttocks
  • You have realistic perception and expectations for the result
Is Buttock Augmentation a painful procedure?
Buttock Augmentation is a painless procedure. However, if you feel pain, it can be managed easily through the intake of pain killers.
How long will it take until I can sit?
You may sit immediately after the Buttock Augmentation procedure.
Will I be able to sleep comfortably?
Yes, you won’t have any problems during sleeping, and you will be able to sleep as you like.
Are there any preparations prior to the procedure?
  • Intake of aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications is not allowed
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for a couple of days prior to the surgery
  • Stop smoking because nicotine slows down the healing process
Are there any complications or side effects with Buttock Augmentation?
Buttock Augmentation has no risks or side effects.
When will I start seeing results?
You will be able to see visible results just after the end of the operation, when the first week’s swelling starts disappearing.
Will the result be permanent?
Results of Buttock Augmentation last for about 2 to 5 years, provided that you maintain a normal weight and avoid any weight fluctuations.
How long will it be until I will be able to return to my daily activities?
You may return to your daily routine, immediately after the procedure, while 2-3 weeks following the procedure you may also resume physical exercise.

It’s the best present I ever gave to myself! I definitely recommend it!

Margarita R.

I always had excess fat in my abdomen and skin sagging on my buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift transformed my body and I feel much better now. Thank you!

Katerina Ν.

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