Breast augmentation

Natural and safe aesthetic result

Breast augmentation with lipofilling is an invasive procedure aiming at increasing your breast volume without using artificial implants. The procedure includes two successive stages: the stage of liposuction and the stage of fat infusion in the breasts. It is ideal for those women who want relatively small increase of the size of their breast, while improving its natural shape or correcting an asymmetry. Breast augmentation can be combined with breast lift in case of breast skin relaxation.

Breast augmentation with lipofilling offers:

  • Optimisation of breast shape
  • Symmetry and harmony of its size in relation to the whole body
  • Youthful, tight breast
  • Elimination of unwanted fat from the body’s donor area
  • Enhanced self-confidence

The main advantage of this method is that a woman can gain a "full", tight breast while removing excess fat that is accumulated in other areas of the body, such as the saddle bags, with only one procedure. In addition, it is really important that the fat infused in the breasts through the lipofilling procedure is from the body itself, which completely eliminates any chances of rejecting artificial implants, if that breast augmentation procedure is selected. Fat collection with liposuction can be achieved from any part of the body with local fat, but the hips and belly are the best donor areas.


Breast augmentation with lipofilling is for specific candidates

The suitable candidates are those women who want small increase of their breast size or improvement of its shape, while removing unwanted fat from other areas of their body.

This procedure is not recommended in women who want to significantly increase their breast size or do not have sufficient number of donor areas with local fat to collect sufficient amount of fat to be infused in the breast. It is important that candidates have realistic expectations. The results of this procedure are long-lasting; however, breast changes will occur, either due to ageing or due to body weight fluctuations.

The points of excellence of Breast augmentation with lipofilling
  • Safe
  • Immediate and natural result
  • Minimal number of incisions and scars
  • Less traumatic in comparison to other breast augmentation procedures
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Long-lasting result

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Is the fat transferred in the breast absorbed by the body?
The limiting factor for a successful breast augmentation procedure is not the fat graft itself so much, but the amount of fat and the area it will be infused. With a larger recipient area and good preparation for the implantation, the effectiveness of fat maintenance in the breast enhanced.
When the fat is collected from the donor area, such as the abdomen, will the skin show relaxation in that area?
Usually the fat collection procedure leads to skin tightening.
Is it necessary that I have a particular amount of fat? I am relatively slim; does this mean that I don’t have enough fat for the procedure?
We can achieve perfect results even in slim women. If you have excess fat in certain parts of your body, though, choosing this method will have dual benefit: local fat will be eliminated and your breast size will be increased..
I don’t have local fat in my body. Can I receive the required fat for lipofilling from another donor?
Only in case of twins.
How long does the procedure last?
The procedure includes two parts: liposuction to remove the required amount of fat from another part of your body, and then, after cleaning the fat, its infusion in the breast area. This means that the total duration may be a bit longer than 1 to 2 hours, the time required for breast augmentation with artificial implants.
What will happen after the procedure?
You can return home straight after the procedure. During your recovery you may feel mild pain or observe oedema in that area, but these symptoms will disappear quickly. Most women return to their job and everyday habits within a week after the procedure; however you should avoid strenuous activities for the period recommended by the specialised cosmetic surgeon who will carry out the procedure.
Will I have scars?
Breast augmentation with lipofilling does not require any special incisions, so the only and almost visible scars that will occur are related to the liposuction procedure, and they will fade away as time goes by.
When will I see the result?
Immediately after the procedure you will see your breast size changed. The cosmetic surgeon will infuse more fat than you need to achieve the desired result, as a quantity of the fat will be naturally absorbed by your body. The experience and specialisation of the surgeon, who knows the exact amount of fat required in your case and the areas in your breasts to be infused, will allow you – after the end of the recovery period – to enjoy your sculpted and well-shaped breast with its enhanced volume.

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