Brazilian Butt Lift

For perfect curves!

As time goes by, the buttocks, probably the sexiest part of our body, show skin relaxation and “sagging”. This is due to ageing, body weight fluctuations, and various inherited factors that negatively affect skin elasticity. A guaranteed solution for this problem is the Brazilian Butt Lift that is safely and effectively applied in our specialised IQ – Intensive Quality Skin Clinics medical centres.


Brazilian Butt Lift can be performed using various methods, depending on each case.

Indicatively, the following:

Lift with fat transfer from the body itself:

This is a technique appropriate for persons with sufficient fat deposits in various parts of their body (e.g. abdomen), which can be removed with liposuction and then transferred and infused in the thighs. The procedure lasts around 30-90’.

Lift with hyaluronic acid:

This procedure is suitable for persons that do not have sufficient fat and therefore the use of hyaluronic acid can help. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 30’.

Lift with threads:

This procedure is minimally invasive; the appropriate threads are used, which are more powerful than the sutures used for face procedures. They are placed on the treatment area, and pulled as required to achieve the desired lifting. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia and takes about 30'.

Brazilian Butt Lift is the ideal choice to improve buttocks shape and size; it is performed either under local or general anaesthesia, depending on the technique that will be used.

Do you want to transform your body with well-shaped buttocks and curves, just like famous Hollywood stars? Or do you only want to restore the appearance of your buttocks? In both cases, you should take into account that Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that in our clinics is only performed by specialised personnel and nurses, who pay particular attention to aesthetic details.

What Brazilian Butt Lift offers
  • Improvement of balanced contour
  • More youthful shape of the buttocks
  • Excellent aesthetic result
  • Tones up the self confidence
  • Possibility to wear attractive clothes

The points of excellence of Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Significant result with natural appearance and sense
  • Minimal risk of complications
  • Long-term results
  • Significant improvement straight after the operation
  • The target can be achieved in just one session

Diet Tips


Why should I choose this procedure?
One of the main reasons for choosing this procedure is to improve your image. The shape of the buttocks is greatly determined by genetics. Healthy diet and exercise can contribute in maintaining your body weight normal and toning up your muscles, but cannot restore “flat” buttocks. If your want to significantly improve your image while improving the overall contour of your body, then Brazilian Butt Lift is the right procedure to achieve the desired results.
How do I know whether I’m the right candidate?
Brazilian Butt Lift is the right procedure for you if the following conditions are met:
  • You have lost quite a lot of weight
  • Your weight is normal, but you want to improve your buttocks contour
  • You are healthy
  • You have realistic expectations for the results
  • You are not smoking
Does it hurt?
Usually minimal pain is felt and can be easily treated with the administration of analgesics.
When will I be able to sit?
You will be able to site straight after the procedure.
Will I have any problem during sleeping?
No, you can sleep comfortably as you like.
How should I prepare myself before the procedure?
  • Stop smoking, because nicotine and smoking prevent the healing process.
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications
  • Stop alcohol consumption two days before the procedure
What are the possible side effects or risks of Brazilian Butt Lift?
Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure with no side effects. However, similarly to any type of procedure, it has inherent risks, including haemorrhage, infection and reaction to anaesthesia, which can be managed.
When are the first results visible?
The first results are visible straight after the completion of the procedure, when the swelling of the first week disappears.
Will the result be permanent?
The results of Brazilian Butt Lift are long-lasting, as long as you don’t gain or lose too much weight.
When will I be able to walk?
Straight after the surgery, the members of the nursing staff will help you walk so that to avoid thrombosis.
When can I resume normal activity?
Straight after the procedure you will be able to resume your daily activities, and 2-3 weeks later you can also start physical exercise again.

It’s the best present I ever gave to myself! I definitely recommend it!

Margarita R.

I always had excess fat in my abdomen and skin sagging on my buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift transformed my body and I feel much better now. Thank you!

Katerina Ν.

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