Abdominoplasty for flat stomach

The benefits of abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck") on our body are impressive

  • Removal of excess fat from the abdominal wall.
  • Restoration of weakened muscles
  • Tightening and strengthening of abdominal and main muscles of the abdomen.
  • Reduction of the part of the stomach protruding from the body and formation of a flat stomach, balanced according to each body type
  • Formation of well-shaped abdominal muscles
  • Removal of loose skin
  • Improvement of the waist line
  • Reduction of the abdominal circumference

Abdominoplasty: how it works

“Tummy tuck” or else abdominoplasty is the most radical invasive procedure to treat excess fat that has been accumulated in the area of the abdomen. The procedure involves the removal of sagging skin and adipose tissues from the mid and lower part of the abdomen. Further on, the tightening and suturing of the abdominal muscles lessens the risk of future hernias development in the area, thus radicallychanging any given body type.


First line surgical procedure

During recent years, abdominoplasty is becoming a first line plastic surgery. According to the data published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2015 around 22 million plastic surgery procedures were performed at global level.
The vast majority of the procedures, 85.6%, were performed on women, with abdominoplasty being the 4th most popular procedure, with a percentage of 11%.

Full Abdominoplasty

Full abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck") involves the removal of a large volume of excess skin and excess fat from the abdominal area, general anaesthesia is required and probably the navel is placed on another position, if its surrounding tissue is removed.

Full abdominoplasty is the ideal solution for women after caesarean section because its scar, which is at the same area with that treated during abdominoplasty, can be improved, or even be integrated with the scar of the abdominoplasty.

Mini Abdominoplasty

It is indicated for women and men whose weight is close to normal, with less intense aesthetic problem that have local fat in the abdominal area.

The reason is that this procedure is limited to the area below the navel (and thus it should not be transferred), while general anaesthesia is not required. This procedure achieves the removal of loose and excess skin from the area of the abdomen, as well as the tightening of the muscles, so that to improve the overall waist contour.

The benefits of abdominoplasty for our well being
  • Tones up the self-confidence thanks to the improved image achieved
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Improved social life as a result of the improved image
  • Improved sexual life
  • Significant change of dietary habits & choice of a healthier lifestyle (e.g. physical exercise).

Diet Tips


When will I see the first results?
The results are visible as soon as the swelling disappears and healing process is completed. The final appearance is gradually improving for a period of 4-6 months.
Is the result of the abdominoplasty permanent?
The result can be permanent if a controlled and balanced diet is followed, as well as regular exercise, to avoid excess weight gain or loss.
How will I know if I am the right candidate?
Abdominoplasty restores the muscles of that area and removes excess skin, thus contouring a flatter and tighter abdomen. It can be suitable for you if the following conditions are met:
  • You are healthy and your weight is stable
  • You have realistic expectations
  • Your skin around the abdomen is sagging
  • You have excess fat in the abdomen that is resistant to diet and exercise programmes
If you smoke, you will have to stop smoking for at least six weeks before and after the surgical operation, because smoking and nicotine make the healing process more difficult. If you are not the right candidate for abdominoplasty, there are other treatments that can be used, such as liposuction.
What are the possible side effects or risks of abdominoplasty?
Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure, and similarly to such procedures, has inherent risks, such as haemorrhage, infection and resistance to anaesthesia. Occasionally, after the surgical operation, fluid may be accumulated below the skin, which can be removed painlessly, but you will have to visit the medical practice to do so.
I want to have abdominoplasty but I am planning to become pregnant. Should I wait and have the procedure after giving birth?
Probably, but not definitely. To maintain the results, many plastic surgeons advice women to wait until after their pregnancy, because pregnancy may reverse some of the improvements of the body achieved through abdominoplasty. In addition a second surgical operation may be required to improve the appearance of the abdomen. However, if a woman decides to undergo abdominoplasty, she should avoid becoming pregnant for six months after the surgery.
After abdominoplasty, for how long should I abstain from sex?
Any sexual activity should be avoided for at least two weeks or maybe more.
Mini and full abdominoplasty. What’s the difference?
Mini abdominoplasty is a surgical operation designed to tighten loose skin under the abdominal area. Contrary to full abdominoplasty, for the “mini” procedure a horizontal incision below the abdomen is required, while the navel is not affected. Mini tummy tuck leaves only a scar of the same size as in caesarean section. With mini abdominoplasty, most patients have a scar that is half in length compared to the full procedure, but only 25% of the results they could enjoy with full abdominoplasty.

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